Hello, I'm Jérémy

Welcome to my website
I hope you will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it!

astro me

I am a french engineering student working towards a computer science degree.
And I am currently looking for a 6 months internship in software engineering or web development.
Exploring the world and learning new things are my passions!
Karate and Volley-ball are my favorite sports. I love music and I learned to play the piano.
I also love to read, draw, play video-games, binge watch TV shows...


Web development is where my interest is focused. Especially Front-end development,
with HTML/CSS, JS(ES5/ES6), React, Angular,...
I am also familiar with Back-end technologies like Java, PHP, Python, NodeJs, and SQL.
French is my native tongue and I can speak English fluently.

  • Javascript
  • Python
  • Java
  • UML
  • SQL
  • Project management
  • Smiling
  • Expert
  • Advanced
  • Intermediary
  • Elementary
  • Beginner


Pandocreon divinae

A Java card game

Pandocreon divinae is a card game that we had to implement in Java for a school project.
This game is my first real programming experience.
It taught me the basics of sofware engineering: from UML analysis to management and control process.

Web project

A beautiful website to manage your grades

This website is a redesign of our school's website to display the students' grades.
For this project, we used PHP as a programming language and used mySQL for the database.


A Software tailored to manage your clients

During my semester at the University of Sherbrooke, I worked on a CRM (Client Relationship Manager) with a group of six people.
We worked with a real company and created the CRM from scratch using react for the front-end, NodeJs for the back-end and PostgresSQL for our database.
This project was quite meaningful for me because I was able to learn a lot in project management and programming skills.


A fun web application to find your friends

Another project I worked on at the University of Sherbrooke is "Onepointman".
It's a web application as well as an Android application. The goal of this project was to work with the geolocalisation of a smartphone with Android.
You can pinpoint your friends on a map if they enable their location and you can even draw on this map !
We used react, Java and the facebook API to program this application.

Personal Projects


"Artificial intelligence by ideMobi for relationships" is a project I am currently working on.
The goal is to create a tool for video games editors to use on Unity.
This tool will allow you to manage social relationships between characters !

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